You know the phrase “love at first sight?” I know it’s used when talking about people, but can it be true when talking about hair too? Because no joke, I fell in love with mermaid hair extensions at first sight.

Love at First Sight

Recently, I was scrolling through Instagram (you know…killing time in the endless child pickup line), and I came across a stunning picture of a woman with the most gorgeous, luscious hair I had ever seen! Like a fish, I was hooked! I opened her page and noticed the girl looked familiar. I zoomed in and realized it was an old friend from many many moons ago. And by moons ago I mean pre-kids because everything seems to be a very distant haze since having my precious, sweet and crazy babies!

I stalked for a bit  (you do the same thing, admit it) to see what she had been up to and learned she had recently became licensed and trained to be one of only two people in North Carolina to do Mermaid Hair Extensions. I have to preface this by telling you I’m not a newbie to extensions. I have had sewn in, I’ve had glued in, I’ve had taped in, I’ve had clip ins and halos. In fact, the first time my husband met me (17 years ago) I was wearing a full head of fake extensions!! I think it could possibly be what first attracted him to me! So, I’m no stranger to extensions.

However, these were unlike any extensions that I’d ever seen. They were thick. The colors were dimensional. The blend was impeccable. I couldn’t tell where the real hair ended or the extensions began. I had to have these on my head! I sent her a message, and Brooke from Hair by Brooke Salon got right back with me and sent me all the deets! I made my consultation with her and started dreaming of my future long flowy mermaid hair.

mermaid hair extensions before and after picture

Getting My Mermaid Hair Extensions

I met with Brooke and ended up having her highlight and cut my hair. She color matched me to the extensions after my new color was done. These extensions are handmade and weigh 2 grams per strand compared to the normal 1 gram per extension. They are basically double the size of normal ones. The Mermaid micro bead technique, also known as “I Tip,” uses a non-slip micro-bead to attach a tip extension to the existing hair. The tip looks much like the end of an ever-so-thin shoelace tip. The extensions are attached by using a micro bead and a loop tool. No heat, glue or chemicals!  Beaded extensions are semi-permanent and last an average of up to 12 months depending upon quality of care.

Brooke’s payment method including paying half down before she orders the personalized hair extensions, and then it takes about two weeks to get them in. She also does “layaway” extensions where you can pay on them in installments, so it’s not all due at one time! It’s definitely an awesome advantage to be able to break the payments up into chunks of your choosing.

Brooke actually flew to Texas to have the creator of Mermaid Hair Extensions put in her new set literally a few days before I had mine done. She picked them up herself from Texas and sent me a picture of her holding the gorgeous strands (which gave me chills!!!). A plane ride later tucked safely away in her carry on, my extensions were in Huntersville and waiting to be put in my hair. I was literally giddy the night before I was to have them put in. I had made a super early appointment with her at 8:30am because she had told me to plan on a 4-5 hour visit. I needed to be back in time for the kid’s car-rider line! I came with clean straight hair, she turned some music on, and she got to work.

She went row by row and blended the colors to perfection. I can’t begin to explain to you my sheer happiness when she threw the first thick section of long hair over my shoulder. I literally squealed like a little girl!! The process is painless and precise. She places each piece with a skilled and trained eye based on the different colors so the colors of your natural hair blend perfectly. She also finds out exactly where you part your hair so she knows how high up to go with them. She even takes where you wear your sunglasses on your head into consideration so they aren’t bothered by the extensions!


After she placed the last extension in, she threw all the hair over my shoulders. You know I had to stand up and take a few (more like hundred selfies).

Then it was time to cut and blend. The hair is 24 inches, and I decided to keep all the length and just have her do layers. I may have her cut some in the future, but you only live once so why not go #longhairdontcare?!?! Once the cutting and blending was done, she curled it with a wand. I feel like this is essential for gorgeous beach waves, and the wand set pictures below is my fav. Make sure to get the gloves so you won’t burn your fingers like I did! Many many curls later, we were finished.



That is the word Brooke kept using and I think it perfectly described my hair. It is Beyond y’all! I’m absolutely in luuuuuv with my Mermaid Hair! I walked with a little more confidence and just felt so “Beyond” as I walked to my car. I felt Glam. I felt Hot. As a mommy to three who is running two businesses and a household, those are things I rarely feel and it felt amazing. My motto in life is “Be Happy” and these Mermaid Hair Extensions legit made this Mommy HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!

mermaid hair extensions

Brooke gave me the after care instructions, but honestly I was so enamored with my hair that I wasn’t listening. I had to text her back about those. I did remember to braid them in two braids when I went to sleep! My hubs was out of town throughout this process, but he knew I was getting them done. I asked him if I could send him a pic, but he said, “No.”  He wanted to see them in person. To say he liked them is putting it mildly. He asked for a date night ASAP.  I told you I think he fell for me 17 years ago because of extensions, and they still work on him!! Ladies. SPLURGE. Save up. Make payments. I sooooo recommend this if this is something you’ve always wanted to do. I’m BEYOND (did you catch that?) happy with this experience, and I feel like a new woman. Or better yet…mermaid!

Call my girl Brooke of Hair by Brooke Salon at 336-403-3213 and you’ll get a free consultation!

Mess or Success?

I probably don’t even have to tell you how much I LOVE how these extensions turned out. The pictures speak for themselves and my happiness with this increases with each doting compliment I get on my hair. Give me one of those red teacher pens so I can write:100% success! Two thumbs (and a mermaid tail) up!

If you have other questions about the mermaid hair extension process, message me and we can chat!

Lots of Love,