They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Well, I don’t want people thinking my soul is anything other than bright and lifted! And thanks to a little Botox under my eyes, my eyes are bright and lifted too!

I shared with y’all my first ever, beginner Botox experience in THIS post. If you missed it, let me catch you up. When I first started researching about Botox and other related nonsurgical procedures – I did my research for weeks (seriously, I wanted to be sure I did my homework for y’all). I asked people I knew, I asked the Facebook community, and I got tons of recommendations. I looked at photos of people who were giving me the recommendations (they had to walk the walk you know), and I narrowed it down to who I thought looked the best. Both of my top favorites went back to a woman named Marisa Faircloth at Restoration Medspa.


Botox Under My Eyes Before & After Pic


Quick & Painless Botox Under My Eyes

Needless to say, she’s the best of the best. So, I’ve already been to her for normal Botox around my forehead, frown lines and such. But, botox under my eyes was different. There are very few people I would ever allow to poke me with needles – much less around my eyes of all places! But, Marisa is a diamond certified injector for Allergan, and she quickly got my vote of confidence. With literally only a few seconds, she got rid of all of the lines underneath and around my eyes that had been bugging me with each glance in the mirror. (Side note – it took a week or so to see results as any Botox does.) I’m too young and vibrant to let crows feet touch my face!

The Botox under my eyes has made me feel so refreshed and given me a grande shot of happiness. I absolutely love it! It honestly felt like a tiny pinch and was 100 times less painful than any flu shot. This Botox/Filler subject is a thing a lot of people don’t want to talk about, but it’s a procedure a lot of people have done or at least a lot of people want to have done.

It’s Okay to Treat Yourself

Can we be real for a minute? There’s nothing wrong with making yourself feel good! We do all sorts of things every day to help our decaying bodies – we diet, we take vitamins, we work out, we put on skincare treatments and creams and make up. Botox is no different! I’m so incredibly thrilled with the outcome of this, and I appreciate how minimally invasive it was. Go to my girl, Marisa, y’all for a free consultation! In less than a minute you can look a million times refreshed!

Mess or Success?

I couldn’t give any “mess” points to this procedure, because there was none. Because of the staff’s professionalism and expertise, I was in and out in no time. No pain. No mess. Just lifted, smooth, vibrant eyes. I’m giving this one a 100% success with 2 eyes wide open!


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