Anyone else love the Facebook “Memory” feature? If you’re not familiar, it’s a feature where Facebook shows you a status or picture you posted on that particular day in the past. It’s fun to get the surprise flashback.

Recently, I saw a “memory” pic pop up in my Facebook feed from about 11 years ago. It was a pic of my husband and me in South Beach over New Years. I stared nostalgically at the youthful girl in the picture. My skin looked radiant! It was dewy and fresh! No signs of stress lines or droopiness at all. I made a joke when I shared the pic about how young and refreshed we looked in the flashback pic and how having twins, a few special needs diagnosis, many surgeries and a surprise blessing pregnancy have left me looking a LOT different! 

I stared at the pic a while and thought to myself, I haven’t done anything for myself in a loooong time.

Getting Curious About Botox

I had lost weight and was feeling great and wanted to look as good as I felt! I literally made a decision right then to inquire a little more into botox and fillers. So what did I do? What anyone does when they have a question! I asked Facebook!! I did the whole “asking for a friend” spiel and received a ton of responses. I thought to myself, hmmmm I’m obviously not the only one wanting or getting a little refresher!

So, I started doing my research. I stalked the pages and pics of the people who had given me recommendations on providers. I looked at their faces, their foreheads, their cheeks and their lips. I looked at a ton of pics and there were a couple of acquaintances I kept going back to. They looked refreshed. Their cheekbones looked plump, and their lips were pouty and perfect. AND it just so happened that both of them had went to the same place, Restoration Med Spa. I sent both ladies a message and they raved over Marisa Faircloth, the woman who performs the injections and procedures. I called and made an appointment for a free consultation and was excited to be able to see her in just a couple of days!

Arriving at the Spa

When I went in, I was a little nervous – I’m not going to lie. I knew there was the opportunity to have the botox done that day and I am a wee bit scared of needles (anyone with me on that?)! The Med Spa was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! Very calming and peaceful with beautiful spa blue colors throughout. (We busy moms notice and appreciate calming ambiences.) The staff was friendly and very reassuring to my nervous demeanor.

Something else I noticed was they all looked so beautiful, refreshed and natural – not overdone or any of the funky looking filler work I had definitely seen when doing my research! Marisa called me back and we discussed the things I was concerned with. I loved how she used the words ‘natural’ and ‘refreshed’ which is literally what I was wanting – a refreshed look. She showed me the botox needle and it was tiny. Seriously, so small!!! I was feeling more comfortable and confident and decided I’d jump right in right then! So we proceeded. And then…it was over as quickly as it began!

Tiffany Tries It: Botox review

Was Botox Painful?

I don’t even want to say it felt like a pin prick because it didn’t even hurt that bad! From one needle-hater to another: If needles are what’s holding you back from getting botox, then please trust me when I say that this is not your every day needle. It’s more like the size of a mosquito sucker! Living in North Carolina, mosquitos don’t even phase us.

Marisa is a “start with less because we can always add more” type of injector – which I appreciate and respect. I really felt she was placing priority on my skin and my confidence rather than some bottom dollar. She will tell you, “Let’s start with this and then if it’s not enough after your results in about two weeks, you can come back and we can do more.” There are no costs for consultations or appointments, so I love she provides everyone with this option. Less can sometimes be more, especially when you first do botox. Marisa totally takes that approach!

The Work I Had Done

I also had something I called my “Elvis lip” I was very self conscious about. When I was pregnant, my doctor believed I had a bit of Bells Palsy and it caused half of my face to somewhat droop. This really shows with my eyebrow and my lip. Marisa was able to correct both of these things by strategically injecting botox in precise areas that would lift and correct these issues that bothered me. Marisa and I also discussed using botox to give a fuller look to the lip. She injects a little bit right above your lip and in 10-14 days it pulls the lip up a little bit to give a fuller appearance. That was HUGE to me and I didn’t even know it was an option until she asked me what I was concerned with! Check out the before and after pic in this blog. This is after 10 days!

After speaking with and researching Marisa, I found out she is a Diamond Certified Injector. FYI, there are very few of these in NC. She has been trained and is skilled to inject in places that most do not. After two weeks, to say that I was pleased with my botox results is an understatement! Not only are my forehead and frown line wrinkles GONE, but she evened out my eyebrows, lifted my droopy lip and gave my upper lip a fuller appearance! It was truly amazing to me how a few little tiny injections can give you such a natural, refreshed look. My hubby knew something was different, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it and that is exactly the “look” that I was going for 🙂


In my next Blog I’ll tell you about my experience with getting Botox not just around the crows feet of the eyes, but under them as well! Just wait until you see my results!! Restoration Med Spa is having a Grand Expansion Open House all day on April 26, 2018. You can see treatment demos, get great discounts, win door prize drawings and MANY giveaways! Come tour the new expansion and get your free consultation! You can contact them at 336.999.8295 and visit them at:

250 Executive Park Blvd. Suite 105 Winston-Salem

By the way, mention “Tiffany Tries It” and you’ll receive $50 off on you first Botox treatment with Brilliant Distinctions at Restoration Med Spa. As always, if you have other services you’d like to see me try, message me and let me know.

Mess or Success?

I’m ruling this one a definite 100% Success! It was painless – on the wallet, on my time, and yes, even on my skin. I loved the spa’s professionalism and how they put me at ease. I love how Marisa put my needs above everything. And I love catching a glimpse at that youthful woman I recognized from that Facebook Memory pic I told you about 🙂 Two thumbs way up!


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