Tiffany BlackburnMeet Tiffany Blackburn

A self-proclaimed guinea pig (in the cute and adorable way), Tiffany Blackburn makes it her goal to try all of the things you have wanted to try – without the time, expense or vulnerability to you. She doesn’t mind lathering on the leg wax, testing out that delicious low-card recipe you’ve been considering, or getting real about the nitty-gritty parts of parenting special needs children. She’s even willing to document her non-surgical procedures – even if it means drawing attention to the things others attempt to hide. She’s a open book with her audience and they admire her vulnerability.

Tiffany’s Background

She’s worked in the beauty industry for 5 years, testing out countless products in front of the camera for clients. Seeking to better her own physical health through Ketones, she became passionate about eating the right foods and living the right lifestyle to support her health goals. As a result, she has inspired hundreds of other women to take charge of their diets and bodies.

Tiffany’s Other Loves

Apart from documenting her passions for her audience, Tiffany’s time is spent with her husband and three children. A mom to twins (plus one in Heaven), she also faces unique challenges as she raises a child with special needs. She has experience with the many therapies, treatments, and methods associated with these specific needs. She also shares these reviews on her site as we way of supporting other moms facing similar challenges.

Why Tiffany “Tries It”

Frequently sought after for her experience and expertise, Tiffany decided to take her knowledge public by founding Tiffany Tries It, a site where she shares before and after pictures, videos, and reviews of the latest, greatest, and popular products and spa services for herself and her family.

Sure of her faith and filled a love for other people, Tiffany believes there is no limit in how much we can serve other people. Active in her children’s schools and community athletics, as well as in her church, she backs up her inspirational words with action.





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